Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A smattering of people and places

I'm in town for two days, roasting coffee and running errands for camp.

I walked into my house yesterday.

And it felt glorious.

No matter how much you love where you go and where you are, it's always good to come home.

It's good to be alone, sometimes, too.

I watched an old movie in my bed.
And when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I didn't have to go outside in the cold (I realize it wasn't very cold last night in town, but it's always chilly at night up at camp).

I had breakfast and coffee on the patio at Bully's, as I usually do on weekends in the summer, reading a book. It was so nice and relaxing.

But one thing I love about being at camp is waking up in the morning and stepping outside into the woods. Before brushing teeth or listening to the news or taking a shower, there's the woods with the morning sun slanting golden through the trees, and the pine laden breeze, and the birds calling merrily to and fro.

(And sometimes there are scouts the next hill over, playing Revelry and hoo-hawing their youthful exuberance to the morning.


Some of the junior staff while on an Outpost hike: Squid, Platypus and Ducky.
My buds. They can always make me laugh.
It's easier than you'd think, however, despite the magic of the place, to begin taking things for granted.

So sometimes when I'm walking down the road for the umpteenth time that morning between the Trading Post and the Office, I'll take inventory of my sensory input, to remind myself to be aware and thankful.

There are flocks of butterflies everywhere! All kinds. Sometimes you'll be walking along and suddenly a cloud of pale blue butterflies bursts from the ground to say hello.

I love the smell of campfires in the evening.

Always a pal to be found.

Of the Finer Things Club:

We made homemade hot chocolate with milk we pilfered from the kitchen on a cold and rainy campfire evening.

I have an electric teapot I brought to camp, as well as my french press.

When the curtains to my room are open, that means people are welcome to stop by for coffee, or tea, and a chat.

The screen is such that I can easily pull open just a corner and pour coffee into an outstretched mug.
What the rest of camp eats:

What the Finer Things Club eats:

This past weekend, plans got a little wonky but ended up working out for the best.

The boys went climbing.

The girls went to Galena.
It was good to have girl time.

We show up on Ryan's Mom's doorstep and are greeted warmly.

We spent the afternoon lying in the shade on a blanket near the road as the Tatanka 100 bike race happened to be that day and passed through Galena. We offered beer and cheered them on as they went by, calling encouragement and telling each that they were the first we'd seen and were in first place.

Sassy's dog Wrigley, whom I call Rugby.
They might've been disappointed when they got to the end and found out otherwise, but meanwhile I'm sure it gave them the umph to carry on.

It's the thought that counts.

Eventually we moved to the front porch for some front porch sittin' and books.

I adore these pictures:

If no other good came from my time at camp save my having met Sassy and our becoming friends, it would be time well spent.

We hit it off from the start, a rare occurrence.

She's good people, this girl.

A keeper, for sure.

"Join me, let's read."
We moved to read aloud on the steps so as not to disturb Gwen just inside the screen door, listening to Prairie Home Companion.

What we saw directly in front of us:

And the view beyond the chickens:

 And that's an update.

A disjointed collection of pictures and happenings.

Happy trails out there.

Happy Wednesday.

Happy summer!
And don't forget to make the most of where you are.


Donna said...

What's not to adore about those pictures!

I love that you have so much to enjoy in your life right now.

And that you read aloud.

And that you have a screen you can open to share a cuppa.

And that you are still able to eat well.

And that you love your home and got to spend time there last night. Although I don't love that I didn't get to see you.

And that you lie to encourage. I think I love that.

And that you have a new girl friend. And new guy friends. But especially a girl friend.

Jennifer Regan said...

I absolutely love your blog and look forward to new posts. The way you describe your surroundings and experiences draw me in as if I know exactly what you are describing. It's wonderful that you are able to appreciate and enjoy your surroundings in such a meaningful way.

You are missed at bootcamp and on the bike trails but while you are at camp that just means more blogs for me to read.

And while I'm still here doing the same old routine things each day, I am able to make the most of where I am, always.

The pictures are beautiful the words are fantastic, thank you for sharing.


smallTown said...

Love the comments, thanks for taking the time!

Miss you both!