Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Voilà le Gypsy!

As I mentioned before, we go by our nicknames at camp, to the point where it takes deliberate effort for me to say This is Jaralei when answering the phone rather than "This is Gypsy".

To our Scout campers we are introduced by our nicknames and they are presented with the challenge of discovering our real names throughout the course of their week at camp, and the Troop with the most real names at the end of the week, wins. This is to encourage interaction between Scouts and staff, an easy opening for conversation between any Scout and any staff at any time.

However, in order to get each staff member's name the Scout must complete a challenge of the staff's choosing. This can be anything from "You must hit a better bull's eye than me on the shooting range" to "You must blow all of the seeds off of a dandelion puff with a single breath".

My challenge is that they must write me a haiku, and for bonus points one line of the haiku should be comprised of a single word. If they get the bonus points I'll help them figure out another staff member's name of their choosing.

I've gotten some doozies back so far!
I think you'll enjoy them, as I have.

Most effort haiku:

In French? Really? You'd better believe he got the bonus points even though he didn't have a 5 or 7 syllable word in there!

Most clever haiku:

"I have a fear of
The number thirteen"

That was from a boy whom I think has a form of autism. He rattled that off on the spot. Mind = blown.

Most ridiculous haiku:

"Skulls r pretty cool,
Soda is really stellar!

Funniest haiku:

"I love my mother
But I ate her for breakfast

Teenagers are great!

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