Monday, September 14, 2015

A beginning

Once upon a time I lived in a small town called Spearfish. When I left there I went many places and saw many things and this and that happened and yadda yadda until one day, many years later, I came back to this small town. It was the same and maybe, for all the years, I am too.

I find myself moving into a loft-like studio apartment - which I, in all my shining ingenuity, am calling The Loft - in a nice and, moreover, convenient part of town, a block from the bike path and park and three blocks from the Blackbird coffee shop (where I am now).

I've been staying with some (new) friends in Sand Creek, in a pretty little guest cottage where the sound of the creek lulls me to sleep every night. Although it's been lovely, I'm very much looking forward to moving into town and settling into a place of my own, even though the loft doesn't have a porch. About which I'm trying not to be bitter. Bitter, party of one!

Moving, albeit exciting, is always unsettling and I'm finding my bearings in this new life while trying to enjoy the process and reminding myself it can be anything I choose to make it. Moves are good for fresh starts and new beginnings and first impressions. What do I want to be? I ask myself. Kind. I want to be kind, and adventurous, and to do whatever I do with all my heart.

I haven't done much so far since the move but here are some quick snapshots of the company I've kept and the things I've done:

Me and Mom - she helped me settle into the cottage and generally kept me company that first night and day. Thank goodness.

Me and Jesus: roommate at the cottage

Me and Cows:

Me and Spearfish Canyon:

...which lead me to Me and Pancakes:

And I'll just leave you with this video.
I know things here will be OK because how could they not with people like this in my life:

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Donna said...

I haven't looked at your blog for a long time. Today I was rearranging the blogs I follow and saw yours, way at the bottom of the list cuz it's been so long since you posted. I remembered you said you would start posting again after you moved and I hoped you would start soon.

I could not believe it when I saw you'd posted! Today!

So good to read you again and see your pics. Most of them anyway. And your new friend cracks me up!