Friday, January 1, 2016

And it was happy

There is an old fashioned and unremarkable magic about Galena.

It never fails to provide a refreshing elixir of simplicity, nonsense, community, acceptance, laughter and all other such things. TV doesn't play in the background because there isn't a TV. No one is huddled in exclusive seclusion on the couch engrossed in their phone because there's no cell service or WiFi. That leaves so much room for engaging with one another. That's all there is, really. Everyone there is everyone's priority. What a strange and wonderful concept.

Snapshots from the last day of the year, in no particular order and with no great quality:

Ryan and I weren't quite as thrilled about the special New Year's drink as some of the others. We sipped bravely until the countdown had passed and then abandoned ship.

They were huddled together engrossed in wedding pictures and memories, so I said "Hey look at me".

The important thing is that I was included.

It was after midnight when Rob and Seth were animatedly discussing something in the other room, and I said to Ryan "How can they still have so much to talk about this late into the night??" "Who knows," he shrugs, and then we returned to our own animated discussion about books, the irony escaping us. There's always something to talk about in Galena.

Looking in,
windows of warmth.

Looking out, pipe smoke on the porch in the woodsmoke tinged cold.

That interesting picture.
Look at it.

The most magnificent god-awful white elephant gifts. They will be conversation starters forever now.

We made it until 1:30AM. We were all fading and sleepy but ended up congregated in a circle around the wood stove, loathe to leave the warmth of the conversation and fire for the cold bedrooms. But by and by we bid goodnight. Gwen had gone up earlier and turned on the electric blanket on my bed so it was warm and ready and I drifted off cozy and happy.

In the morning everyone wandered down, one by one. Coffee percolated on the stove and after good mornings we each ended up picking up the nearest book to hand and reading in quiet companionship, sometimes making remarks or sharing something we found interesting. When coffee was ready and passed around and everyone was more awake, conversation picked up...

...of books and anarchy and old family recipes and how people in Spain have a different concept of time than we do.

And that's how I welcomed in the new year.
That's pretty alright.

Hope everyone's was as happy, in their own way.

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Donna said...

I'm so thankful for the families that adopt you and make you feel loved. Bully's was always a family and I love how your Galena family made you an ornament for the tree! And that Gwen turns on the electric blanket for you and all the other things that make Galena feel like a home for you. Thank you for sharing with us!